Hogback is Bring Your Own Paint (BYOP) for walk-ons, however we are Field Paint Only for private groups, Big Games, and other special events. This means you may only use paint you purchase from us here. You may play with any paint you have purchased from Hogback in the past, so don’t worry if you have any extra paint left over at the end of the day.

Absolutely no outside paint for private groups and Big Games; no exceptions.

We reserve the right to turn away any paintballs that do not meet our safety- or environmental-standards



100 Paintballs – $5
A bag of 100 paintballs.

500 Paintballs – $15
A bag of 500 paintballs. This comes with the full rental package.

2,000 Paintballs – $60
A case of 2,000 paintballs. There are 4 bags of paintballs per box.


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