Low Impact

What is Low-Impact Paintball?

Low-Impact Paintball is a NEW type of play that promotes the same activity & teamwork as regular paintball, but with less impact (i.e. it hurts less)! The best part is, paintballs shoot just as far and are just as accurate.  We recommend Low-Impact Paintball for anyone age 8 and up, as well as for first time players.

Advantage #1: Less Sting

One thing that discourages people from traditional paintball is the sting from getting hit. If the idea of being shot with a regular paintball makes you cringe, you’ll be pleased to know that low-impact paintball hits with less than 75 percent of the sting. In scientific terms, low-impact rounds hit you with 5 joules of force, versus the 13 joules of force that comes with more traditional paintball shots.

Advantage #2: Fun For All Ages

Low-impact paintball is perfect for everyone ages 8 and up. It is a great activity for birthday parties and other situations where you’re going to have a lot of kids in one place, of various sizes and ages, and you want something everyone can play. And, since the impact is less, it’s more likely that everyone is going to be laughing and smiling.

Advantage #3: Efficiency

Low-impact paintballs use less material and energy than more traditional, high-impact paintballs. The rounds are also smaller, which means they weigh less for the same number of shots, providing paintballers with  a lighter, more efficient paintball gun.

Advantage #4: Less Mess

The whole idea behind paintball is that it leaves a mark. It stops the argument of, “I shot you,” “no you didn’t,” dead in its tracks when there’s a splotch of fresh paint on your shoulder. However, because low-impact paintballs are smaller, it means there’s less of a mess when they do score a hit.  Less mess means that you have less clean-up when the game is over.

These are, of course, just a few great reasons to give low-impact paintball a try. It provides all the fun and positive advantages of traditional paintball, but without so many of the problems that stop so many people from enjoying the sport. So what are you waiting for?