Normandy Landing

This big game scenario is based off of the D-Day Landing on the beaches of Normandy, France, at the end of the second World War; the landing of 24,000 US, British, and Canadian airborne troops. The men landed under heavy fire from gun emplacements overlooking the beaches, and the shore was mined and covered with obstacles such as wooden stakes, metal tripods, and barbed wire, making the work of the beach-clearing teams difficult and dangerous.

The American missions are as follows (The German missions are to defend against the following):

  • 1 – Take the beach and secure HQ locations (Field: Landing zone/Bridge/Mountain/Valley)
  • 2 – Secure German Mortar pits (Field: Valley/Mountain)
  • 3 – Take over the German Ammo dump (Field: Dark Forest)
  • 4 – Take the German Fuel station (Field: Jungle)
  • 5 – Secure the German Radio Station (Field: Dark Forest)
  • 6 – Retrieve the German Gold and bring it back to HQ (Field: Jungle/Dark Forest)
  • 7 – Save the US prisoners of war (Field: Dark Forest Dead Zone)
  • 8 – Take the town of Aachen (Field: Town)
  • 9 – Take Berlin (Field: Castle)
  • 10 – Take out the German Leader, Warlord Ben (Field: unknown)