Hogback Mountain Paintball

Santa vs The Grinch - December 28, 2014

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On his way back to the North Pole, Santa crashes his sleigh, spreading gifts all over the fields of Hogback Mountain Paintball. The Grinch gets word of the crash and he is on his way to collect all of the gifts and thus ruin Christmas. It is up to Santa and his team of elves to find the gifts first and fight off the Grinch and his minions.

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Major Missions:

  • Missions To Be Decided

Minor Missions:

  • Attack/Defend Santa
  • Attack/Defend The Grinch
  • Gather Presents


Set-up starts 8:30am
Safety brief at 10am
Lunch 1pm to 2pm
Wrap up by 5pm.

chalkboard list of Santa vs Grinch team scores - Grinch 367/Santa 233
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