Hogback Mountain Paintball Prices

Walk-on Rates

We are open Saturday and Sunday for Walk-Ons, year round!

We are open Wednesday through Summer. Starting 6/18.

Walk-Ons run continuously throughout the day. Entry is one flat fee - pay once and play all day! You can join in at any time.

No reservation is required for walk-on play. All players must be 10 years or older. Hogback is Field Paint Only - you must purchase paint at the field, you may not use your own from another source.

20th Anniversary Pricing

All anniversary pricing is good through the end of July, 2014.

10 AM Brief, play until 5 PM.

Entry is FREE during the month of July.
For players with their own equipment.

This ticket includes:
- entry anytime from 10am to 5pm
- compressed air refills
  CO2 refills are charged per fill

Save $15 during the month of July.
This ticket includes:
- entry to the park in the morning or afternoon
- paintball gun
- 500 paintballs
- face mask
- air refills

Save $15 during the month of July.
This ticket includes:
- all day entry to the park
- paintball gun
- 500 paintballs
- face mask
- air refills

Borrow a compressed air tank for the day.
CO2 and Compressed Air fills are available on-site.
Looking for information on private groups? Click here!

General Pricing

Paintball Prices

Hogback is Field Paint Only. All paint used must be purchased from us.

100 rounds - $5
500 rounds (Bag) - $15
2000 rounds (Case) - $60

C02 Fill Prices

Compressed Air/HPA refills are included in admission; however C02 is charged by the fill.

10oz or less - $2
120z - $3
16oz or more - $4


Blue Plate Lunch Special - $5
Lunch includes:
- 2 hotdogs
- 1 bag of chips
- 1 drink (water or soda)
Hot Dog - $2
Can of Soda - $1
Bottled Water - $1
Bag of Chips - $1
Call for Reservations: (703) 777-0057

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Mini Bunkers Mini Bunkers is a one flag field. The stacked wood forms the bunkers which are strategically placed around the field. This field is also playable at night during the summer time.
Diamond Diamond is a field shaped like its name would suggest. The field is played with the flag in the center, and it must be retrieved and hung in the opposing teams flag post.
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