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What should I wear?

We suggest that you wear long pants and a long shirt along with cleats or boots, and suggest wearing a hat, knee pads and gloves as well. It's also a good idea to bring a backpack, water bottle, sun screen, and bug spray.

Will the paint come out of my clothes? Do paintballs stain?

Yes, the paint will wash out, and it is possible it can stain. If left sitting long enough, the paint will set. The longer you leave the paint in your clothes, the more likely it will stain. Wash your clothes as soon as possible.

How old do you have to be to play?

You must be at least 10 years old to play.

Is paintball safe?

Yes, paintball is actually one of the safest outdoor activities. Just make sure you follow the safety rules!

Does it hurt when you get shot?

Yes and no. The first time you get shot, it will probably hurt a little and that's mainly due to the surprise of it. It feels almost like getting hit with a rubber band. Most people quickly get used to it since the sting goes away so quickly. The more you play, the less it hurts.

What types of games are there?

Types of games include single-flag capture the flag, two-flag capture the flag, and elimination.

What does field paint only mean?

Field paint only means that you have to buy paint from our field. You can't buy paint from places like Wal-Mart or Dick's, or another paintball field, and use them here at Hogback.

Can I bring back paint I bought from last time?

You're more than welcome to bring back paint you bought from us before.

Do we stay on one field all day?

Whether it's for walk-ons or private groups, you will be rotating through different fields throughout the day. You will be playing two games on each field.

What are gun firing modes?

There are various settings on electronic paintball guns called firing modes. The only one allowed at Hogback is "semi".

Do you allow different calibers of paintballs?

We do allow different calibers of paintballs, as long as they're purchased at our field. The most common caliber of paintball we sell is .68.

Private Groups

What's the minimum/maximum amount of players needed for private groups?

The minimum amount of players needed for a private group is 8. There isn't a maximum, but you have to call ahead of time to give us a count and deposit to secure your private group.

I want to bring out a LOT of people. Can we bring a bus?

The road to Hogback is originally a farm road. It is a single lane, and large buses don't fit very well on many of the turns. We suggest bringing a couple of small buses or convoying some other way, and not bringing any large charter buses. If you have any more questions about this, please call or e-mail us and we can address your concerns.

How do I set up a private group?

Give us a call! You will need to provide the date, time slot, number of players, organizer name, email, and telephone number, as well as credit card information to put down a deposit.

Do I get my deposit back?

You will receive your deposit back when you arrive on the day of your private group.

Does it cost extra to fill my tanks?

Tank fills are included in your private group rate.


Do I have to have a group in order to play walk-ons or can I come by myself?

You are not required to have a group to play walk-ons, and you're welcome to come out and join the walk-on group if you're by yourself.

How much is it to play?

The cost is $20 for entry and all-day compressed air fills, plus whatever else you need, such as paint. Complete pricing is located on the prices page.

Zombie Invasion Big Game

Can I dress up as a zombie/in a costume?

Absolutely! There is a costume contest, if you are interested in participating!

Do I have to dress up as a zombie/in a costume?

We encourage players to dress up in theme for the Zombie Invasion game, but it is not required.

How do I tell Humans from Zombies?/How do I identify my teammates?

Players on the Human team will have armbands, similar to regular play and other big games. Zombie players will not have armbands.

How does this game work?

At the beginning of each game, all players will start on the Human team except for our Zombie Squad. As you are hit, if you do not possess a Medic Badge, you will respawn in the Graveyard. If you do have a Medic Badge, a Nurse will be able to help you respawn on the Human side.

What is a Medic badge? How do I get one?

Medic Badges will be handed out randomly or hidden around the fields as you play throughout the day. It will be a card with a Red Cross symbol on it.

What do I do with a Medic Badge?

If you are lucky enough to have a Medic Badge, congratulations! Bring it to a Nurse at the Medic Tent or Referee at a respawn barrel, and they will wipe your hits and send you back out to annihilate some zombies.

How does this Zombie/Graveyard thing work?

There will be a Referee with a respawn barrel nearby the Graveyard areas. You will be able to tell the Graveyard by the grave stones. The Ref will be able to wipe your hits and send you back out on your quest for more brains.

How do I become/make someone a Zombie?

If a Human is hit by a paintball and it breaks, and is not "cured" by a Nurse or Referee, he or she has become a Zombie. The player will remove his or her armband, and head to the Zombie team. NO BITING. The 20 Foot Rule is still in effect for this game.


Does everybody need waivers?/Do adults need waivers?

Everyone is required to fill out a waiver every time they come out to play at Hogback. Even if you've filled one out before, you have to fill one out again when you come back.

Can we bring our own food and drinks?

Yes, you're more than welcome to bring your own food and drinks. We do have some food and drinks available for purchase. We sell drinks and chips throughout the whole day, and offer two hot dogs, chips, and a drink for $5 at lunchtime.

Do you have a picnic area?

Yes, we have picnic tables and a picnicking area.

Is there all day air for CO2 or compressed air?

We do not offer all day air for CO2. You will need to pay by the fill and pricing depends on the size of the tank. Pricing can be found on the prices page. All day fills for compressed air are included in admission. Compressed air (HPA) tanks are available to rent at the front counter.

Can I bring a small child to watch?

If the child is 10 years old or up, you are welcome to bring them with you to play or watch. Children younger than 10 are welcome to come to the field, but they can't go up the hill to watch.

What if it rains?/Do you play in the rain?

Yes, you do play in the rain. If there is thunder we stop play to wait for the storm to pass, if possible.

Is alcohol allowed before, during, or after?

Alcoholic beverages are not allowed at all at our field.

Do girls play paintball?

Yes, girls play paintball!

How can I ask a question about something that isn't listed here?

Give us a call at (703)777-0057.

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