Hogback Mountain Paintball
Aerial photo of trees and paintball fields surrounding Hogback Little Ditch Valley Mountain Fort Jungle Cluster Fort Alley Castle Kill Box Mini Bunkers Diamond Dark Forest Pines Arial overview of Hogback Mountain

Hogback Mountain Paintball...

With over 70 acres and 14 unique courses our fields are designed for both recreational and pro-players. Whether you enjoy Woodsball, Attack and Defend, Speedball or Scenario Games Hogback Mountain Paintball offers a paintball experience that is thrilling and new each time. Click on the name of a field to read more about it!

Scenario Fields
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Scenario paintball is based on a storyline or theme.
Bridge: Bridge is normally played as attack and defend with one well guarded bridge...
Fort: Fort is a defend and attack field, with a fort to hide in.
Landing Zone: This part of Hogback is well known becuase of its use in the Normandy Landing big game.
Castle: Castle is a one flag field, with the flag hung in the highest tower...
Speed Ball
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A fast-paced paintball game played on a small course, usually with many obstacles.
Cluster Fort: This field is small and made of random fort pieces...
Diamond: Diamond is a field shaped like its name would suggest.
Kill Box: Kill Box is a hyperball field with bunkers made from recycled and repurposed materials.
Mini Bunkers: Mini Bunkers is a one flag field.
Wood Fields
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Any paintball game played in the woods.
Dark Forest: Dark Forest is an attack and defend field.
Jungle: Jungle is a field with a lot of heavy brush, hence its name.
Little Ditch: Little Ditch is located in the woods, and is a great field for those who like to test their sniping...
Alley: Alley is a long narrow field with many objects that can be used to leap frog up to the flag....
Valley: Valley is a field that lies in a large... valley, and there are many firing angles because of it.
Pines: Pines is a field full of pine trees, which offer a lot of cover...
Mountain: Mountain is a wooded field, with a natural layout in regards to bunkers and obstacles.
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