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Black Hawk Down April 15, 2018

Ticket Packages

Entry Package
Includes: Admission and air fills.

Rental Package
Includes: Admission, rental gun, mask, 500 paintballs, and air fills.

Behind the Scenario

Black Hawk Down took place in Mogadishu Somalia, between United States and Somali militiamen loyal to the self-proclaimed president to be Mohamed Farrah Aidid who had support from armed civilian fighters.

The battle was fought between October 3 and 4 1993. The U.S. forces consisted of mainly U.S. Army Rangers and 1st Special Forces Operational team Delta Force. The Force attempted to seize two of Aidid's high-echelon lieutenants during a meeting in the city. Shortly after the assault began, Somali militia and armed civilian fighters shot down two UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters. The Subsequent operation to secure and recover the crews of both helicopters drew the raid, intended to last no more than an hour, into an overnight standoff in the city.