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Big Games

What are Big Games?

Big Games are large-scale paintball scenario events where all players are divided into two teams. All of the courses are turned into one big playing field. Everyone who comes to play on Big Game days will play in the Big Game. While these events are walk-on events, there are no regular walk-ons.

Do I need a ticket?

You will need to purchase your ticket at the front check-in when you arrive, or you can buy your ticket online before the game. There are substantial discounts if you purchase your ticket on the advanced schedule!

Our Big Games

Hogback has four major Big Games throughout the year. Click the name of the game to read more about it.

  • Vietnam
    April 6, 2014 This big game is set around the Vietnam era.
  • Normandy Landing
    June 1, 2014 This is a scenario game based on the Normandy Landing of WWII on D-Day.
  • Zombie Invasion Big Game
    October 26,2014 This zombie scenario is acted out all day in three parts.
  • Santa vs. The Grinch
    December 28,2014 This scenario game is a battle between Santa Claus and the Grinch.

Sounds fun! Now what?

Great! You bought your ticket, you filled out a waiver, and you're ready for check-in. Take a look at our preparedness section to see what else you can do to have the best time on your visit.