Hogback Mountain Paintball

Big Games

Action that never stops...

Big games are great - completing Scenario based missions on a 70+ acre field is more fun and challenging than a regular game. The fields are complete with forts and a village. The action in a big game never stops - it´s one on-going game. Click on the name of the game to see photos, missions, and event details.

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Planning Ahead: pre-game advice

  1. Buying your tickets in advance means you save money, it also helps the field estimate the number of players. Tickets can be bought in advance on the products page under big game tickets.
  2. Get your equipment in working condition and air tank filled before the big game so you don't have to wait in the air fill lines in the morning.
  3. Mark your name on everything. Equipment and clothing get mixed up. This is also your best line of defense against theft.
  4. Plan to arrive 30 to 45 minutes before the scheduled safety brief.
  5. Make sure to have directions printed out.
  6. Make sure to have a waiver filled out or have someone 18 or older to sign for you (if you yourself are not 18+).

Things to Bring

  1. Your ticket and a signed waiver.
  2. All your equipment (especially barrel cover and mask).
  3. Appropriate clothing for the season.
  4. A book bag to carry extra things around.
  5. A little extra money for paint or lunch.

In the Morning

  1. Turn in your waiver (or sign one) at the Waiver Table next to the bridge.
  2. Purchase entry (or redeem your prepaid ticket) at the Front Counter of the cabin.
  3. Listen to the individual Safety Brief wherever you are directed to go.
  4. Pick up your rental equipment or chrono by the Chrono Station.
  5. Gather for the Game Brief when it's announced.
Listen To The Brief! It explains the objectives of the scenario, and safety concerns. Follow all rules of the field you are on. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.

Unique Rules to Hogback

  • 20 foot minimum engagements - no bunkering.
  • Live players stay off roads - no dead man´s walk.
  • Stay out of the other team's spawn tape area.
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